The lease on my current apartment was almost up. I decided I wanted to move somewhere else instead of continuing my lease. The area wasn’t the best and it wasn’t close to my work. I started searching for another apartment that was cheaper and closer to my job.

I went online and searched for apartments and found an apartment finder for the Oklahoma City area. There were lots of apartments from the area that were listed there and I could see pictures of the apartments. I could also search by the price to find one that was affordable.

I searched around and found one that was really close to my job. It was ideal and the price seemed to be affordable. I contacted the landlord through the form on the website and I heard back from him pretty quickly. He called back to say that he could show it to me in person tomorrow if I was interested. I told him I could meet him there after work and that’s what I did.

After seeing the apartment, I told him I wanted to rent it. He said we could do the paperwork and I could pay the amount due and move in when I wanted since there wasn’t anyone living in it.

I filled out the paperwork and gave him the money. I got home that evening and started packing for my move. I was going to move some things the next day on my way to work and then work on it in the evening. I was able to get moved in within just a couple days. I like the new apartment in Oklahoma City. It’s close to work and the rent is much cheaper than what I was paying.