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It affects the sport clusion: Regular Baduanjin exercise may be beneft to improv- performance cheap 60 ml liv 52 with amex, absence from training sesions or games and reduce ing cerebral hemodynamic parameters cheap liv 52 100 ml with mastercard, blood pressure, sleep and quality of life. Risk factor of sport injury of lower extremity can mood in community elder adults with risk factors of ischemic be classifed as intrinsic risk, exposure to extrinsic risk and inciting stroke. Acknowledgements: This study is supported lete, exposure to extrinsic risk factors make the susceptible athlete by the Program for Fujian Provincial Health and Family Planning and inciting event factors will trigger injured athlete. At very early phase, the identifcation of intrinsic risk factors is very important. Type of sport were classifed from most high contact/impact to less high contact/impact. Landing task 2 2 2 2 was correlated positively to non weight bearing quadriceps angle Ogurkowski , I. Introduction/Background: Raising a child with a disability re- duces fulfllment parents, which contributes to a reduction in the quality of life of caregivers. Results: The studies that women Rehabilitation Medicine, Fuzhou, China, 2Fujian University of are weaker than men emotionally. The results showed that among Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Physical Education, the families surveyed more frequent in girls with disabilities. Frequently deterioration in the relationship between parents dete- 811 riorating since the emergence of a disabled child. Community-based programs can be an appropri- ate approach to address developmental needs of youth refugees. Participants engaged in ten one-hour group training, incorporating Bandura’s Self-Effcacy theory and the logic model rology- Department of Education and Research, Taipei, Taiwan, 2 process. The Program included fve modules: attitude, responsibil- National Taipei University of Nursing and Health, Department of 3 ity, communication, problem solving and college or job prepara- Health Care Management, Taipei, Taiwan, National Yang-Ming tions. Results: Descriptive and inferential statistics were conducted University, Institute of Health and Welfare, Taipei, Taiwan, 4Wan on the six assessment tools completed prior to and following each Fang Hospital - Taipei Medical University, Department of Neuro- of the appropriate training modules. Scoring improved for all meas- surgery- Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Tai- ures. The Program Feedback Form indicated the life skills train- pei, Taiwan, 5Wan Fang Hospital - Taipei Medical University, De- ing has a signifcant effect on student’s English skills (t=7. Introduction/Background: Issues related to aging is a great con- The life skills training demonstrated potential for improving the cern in Taiwan. Aging population comprised 12% of the popula- skills development of self-effcacy and college preparation for par- tion in 2014, will hit 14% in 2018 and 20% in 2025, making Tai- ticipants. The government is making efforts to in education, religious activities, relationships, future aspirations, provide the elderly with adequate provisions, reduce the burden on helping others, and volunteerism within a variety of contexts. Con- caretakers and spur development of sectors catering to the specifc clusion: Adolescent refugees often face with obstacles and new needs of this population group. Due to cultural differences, nity hospital, our day care center is the frst institution providing these opportunities may be perceived as a struggle. Ma- suggest the importance of skills training for adolescent refugees by terial and Methods: In the day care center of Yangming Branch, building their capacities. Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan, we arrange recreational therapy programs to stimulate cognitive functions, gross and fne motor function, and equilibrium. Conclusion: Day care center of Yangming Branch, Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan, a N. According to our experiences, recreational therapy can help icine, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3University Malaya, Rehabilitation disabled dementia patients improve or maintain their functional Medicine Department, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and psychological status. The authors believe that the programs can apply not Introduction/Background: Diabetic Charcot foot can cause gross only to hospital-based day care center, but also in non-hospital- structural deformities of the foot and ankle, and subsequent skin based day care centers. Chung have equal study is to explore complications of diabetic charcot foot in particu- contribution to this poster. Moridnia 1Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Clinical Re- mortality rate during the follow-up period was 15. The mean survival time based on Kaplan- Maier Survival Analysis search Development Center of Shahid Modarres Hospital and is 44. The remaining 83 alive sample population Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research Center, Tehran, (84. Conclusion: Recurrent new philosophy which tries to lead clinical services to effective and ulcer in Charcot foot patients has high predilection towards limb advantageous ways with the least side effects and errors. Members of faculty, participants who referrals from all states in Malaysia for intensive spinal rehabilita- had attended workshops and physicians who spent more time on tion program or other specialised rehabilitation programs that are research and article review had more knowledge (p=0. Hence, epidemiology data on spinal cord 3 most common sources used for research were PubMed, Google injured patients that was analysed in this study should represent scholar and Cochrane, respectively. Material and Methods: cal practice, the most common source used was reference books Data on all new patients admitted to Spinal Rehabilitation Ward in (86. Analysis was done on the incidence, with getting access to associated databases and lack of suffcient age, gender and level of injury. Results: From Aug 2014 until Nov activity in judging and analyzing related articles. Age group of the studied population are as shown in with its concepts and applications. It may also of benefts for effcient resource allocation for the rehabilitation management of spinal cord injured 1Thomas Jefferson University, Rehabilitation Medicine, Philadel- patients in Malaysia. Material and Methods: The authors reviewed a sample of 220 discharges from J Rehabil Med Suppl 55 Poster Abstracts 237 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital rehabilitation unit readmit- to prevent absenteeism due to sickness. Readmissions were categorized as: (1) from the reha- questionnaire focusing on the organizational setting and its impact bilitation hospital to the acute hospital or (2) from the community on employee wellbeing – reported as mental energy, work-related to the acute care hospital. The questionnaire measures good into categories to provide meaningful information to implement and poor work environment factors to help managers improve or- policies to minimize readmissions. The questionnaire was validated qualitatively plete management, (2) recurrences, and (3) development of new and quantitatively. Cases with new conditions: thors followed a company undergoing organizational change and 36 (73%. Cases with ers uncertain about employee mental status can measure employee new conditions: (54%). Cases with incomplete care or recurrences: wellbeing easily and cost effectively to prevent illness. Conclusion: (1) Most of the cases were readmitted to created a method, statistically evaluated, to proactively identify acute hospitals before completion of their rehabilitation hospital good and poor work Environments to promote healthy co-workers. Japan, 2Fujita Health University, School of Medicine, Toyoake, Hashemi2 Japan, 3Fujita Health University Hospital, Department of Reha- 1 bilitation, Toyoake, Japan, 4Fujita Health University Banbuntane Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research De- Hotokukai Hospital, Department of Rehabilitation, Nagoya, Japan velopment Center of Shahid Modarres Hospital, Physical Medicine 2 Introduction/Background: Previous studies have shown that toe and Rehabilitation, Tehran, Iran, Physical Medicine and Reha- clearance during the swing phase affects the risk of tripping; this bilitation Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medi- is considered a predominant cause of falls.

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Although this number may seem strange buy 120 ml liv 52 mastercard, simply remember that the larger the variance buy discount liv 52 120 ml, the larger the error, and the smaller the variance, the smaller the error. If the population is known, then we’ll predict anyone’s score is , and our errors in prediction equal σ2. Or, if we must es- X timate the population using the sample, then we’ll use the sample mean to estimate the we predict for everyone, and we estimate that our errors in prediction will equal. Statistics in Published Research: Reporting Variability 103 Accounting for Variance Finally, we have one other use of the term variance. In research reports you will en- counter such phrases as accounting for variance or the variance accounted for. They are used when researchers describe the usefulness of a relationship when we use it to predict scores. Because a relationship shows the particular Y scores that are naturally paired with an X, if we know participants’ X, we know the Y around which they tend to score. Thus, to some extent we can predict when individuals have one Y score and when other individuals have a different Y score. If we compute the variance of all Y scores in a study, this reflects all of the differences in scores that we want to predict, so this is the variance that we want to account for. How well a relationship helps us to predict the different Y scores is the extent that it “explains” or “accounts” for the variance in Y scores. However, the rela- tionship with list length tends to group similar scores together. Therefore, we know when participants score around 3 (when they recall a 5-item list) and when they pro- duce a different score of, say, 9 (when they recall a 15-item list). By considering list length, our predictions seem very close to each person’s actual score, so we seem to be close to predicting many of the differences among the nine scores. Therefore, in our lingo, we would say that the variable of list length seems to “account for” a sizable portion of the variance in recall scores. However, we still have some error in our pre- dictions because not everyone scored exactly the score we’d predict. Therefore, some differences among scores are not predicted, so we say that some of the variance in re- call scores is not accounted for. On the other hand, consider when a relationship is weaker, such as the relationship between someone’s gender and his or her height. We would predict the average man’s height for any man and the average woman’s height for any woman. However, there is a wide range of women’s and men’s heights, so our predictions each time may not be very close to someone’s actual height. Therefore, this relationship is not all that much help in predicting someone’s exact height, and so it would be described as accounting for little of the variance in height. As these examples illustrate, more consistent relationships account for a greater amount of the variance. Chapters 8 and 12 discuss ways to precisely measure the amount of variance accounted for. For example, recall that the symbol for the sample mean is M, so in a report of our list-length study, you might see this: “The fewest errors were produced when recalling 5-item lists (M 3. With this information, you are largely finished with descriptive statistics because you know the important characteristics of the sample data and you’ll be ready to draw inferences about the corresponding population. Later we will compute the mean and standard deviation in each con- dition of an experiment as part of performing inferential statistics. Measures of variability describe how much the scores differ from each other, or how much the distribution is spread out. The variance is used with the mean to describe a normal distribution of interval or ratio scores. The standard deviation is also used with the mean to describe a normal distribution of interval/ratio scores. It can be thought of as somewhat like the “average” amount that scores deviate from the mean. Transforming scores by adding or subtracting a constant does not alter the standard deviation. Transforming scores by multiplying or dividing by a constant alters the standard deviation by the same amount as if we had multiplied or divided the original standard deviation by the constant. There are three versions of the formula for variance:S2 describes how far the sam- X ple scores are spread out around X, σ2 describes how far the population of scores X is spread out around , and s2 is computed using sample data but is the X inferential, unbiased estimate of how far the scores in the population are spread out around. The formulas for the descriptive measures of variability (for S2 and S ) use N as X X the final denominator. On a normal distribution, approximately 34% of the scores are between the mean and the score that is a distance of one standard deviation from the mean. There- fore, approximately 68% of the distribution lies between the two scores that are plus and minus one standard deviation from the mean. We summarize an experiment usually by computing the mean and standard devia- tion in each condition. When the standard deviations are relatively small, the scores in the conditions are similar, and so a more consistent—stronger—relation- ship is present. When we predict that participants obtained the mean score, our error in predic- tions is determined by the variability in the scores. In this context the variance and standard deviation measure the differences between the participants’ actual scores 1X2 and the score we predict for them 1X2, so we are computing an answer that is somewhat like the “average” error in our predictions. The amount that a relationship with X helps us to predict the different Y scores in the data is the extent that X accounts for the variance in scores. What do measures of variability communicate about (a) the size of differences among the scores in a distribution? Why are your estimates of the population variance and standard deviation always larger than the corresponding values that describe a sample from that population? In a condition of an experiment, a researcher obtains the following creativity scores: 3 In terms of creativity, interpret the variability of these data using the following: (a) the range, (b) the variance, and (c) the standard deviation.

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Tumor marker tests are not used alone tunica albuginea The whitish membrane within to detect and diagnose cancer because most tumor the penis that surrounds the spongy chambers (cor- markers can be elevated in patients who don’t have pora cavernosa) order liv 52 120 ml on line. The tunica albuginea helps to trap a tumor order 120 ml liv 52, because no tumor marker is entirely spe- the blood in the corpora cavernosa, thereby sustain- cific to a particular type of cancer, and because not ing erection of the penis. An example of a tunnel is when a particular tumor has been found with a the carpal tunnel. Tympanometry works by varying ized by polyps in the colon (large intestine) in addi- the pressure within the ear canal and measuring the tion to tumors in the brain. The intelligence of air (pneumothorax) or the abdomen is distended those with Turner syndrome is usually within the with gas. Girls with Turner syndrome at the time of puberty do not experience the development type I error See alpha error. The ovaries typically contain no folli- cles and look like streaks of fibrous tissue. A typhoid fever An acute illness characterized by second sex chromosome may be present, but it is fever caused by infection with the bacterium not structurally and functionally normal. Diarrhea is uncommon, overwhelming majority of pregnancies with Turner and vomiting is not usually severe. Large epi- demics are most often related to fecal contamina- twin One of two children produced in the same tion of water supplies or foods sold on the streets. Twins can develop from one ovum (egg) chronic carrier state—excretion of the organism or from two ova (eggs). Twins who develop from a for more than a year—occurs in approximately 5 single ovum are called monozygotic or identical percent of cases. Twins who people traveling to high-risk areas, such as the develop from two ova that are fertilized at the same Indian subcontinent and developing countries in time are called dizygotic or fraternal twins. They are Asia, Africa, and Central and South America where nonidentical and have different genomes. Typhoid vaccination is not tympanic membrane The eardrum, a thin mem- 100 percent effective and is not a substitute for brane that serves as a partition between the external careful selection of food and drink. Characteristic Symptoms include fever, a small ulcer (tache noire) symptoms include fever, headache, a raised (macu- at the site of the tick bite, swollen glands near the lar) rash, swollen glands (lymphadenopathy), and a site of the tick bite (satellite lymphadenopathy), and dark crusted ulcer, called an eschar or tache noire, a red, raised (maculopapular) rash. The cause is a microorganism called Rickettsia typhus, urban, of Malaysia See typhus, prowazekii, which is found worldwide and is trans- murine. The typist’s cramp A dystonia that affects the muscles mortality increases with age, and more than half of of the hand and sometimes the forearm and occurs untreated persons age 50 or older die. Tyrosinemia type I is due to deficiency of fumarylacetoacetase, typhus, mite-borne See typhus, scrub. An acute form surfaces soon after birth, with acterized by fever, headache, and rash that are simi- the odor of cabbage and death from liver failure in lar to, but milder than, those in epidemic typhus. A chronic form is characterized by chronic Murine typhus is caused by the microorganism liver disease, rickets due to hypophosphatemia (low Rickettsia typhi (mooseri) and transmitted to phosphate), and death in childhood. The ani- association with liver cancer (hepatocellular carci- mal reservoir includes rats, mice, and other rodents. Also known as endemic typhus, rat-flea areas on the palms and soles and in the cornea and typhus, and urban typhus of Malaya. Symptoms include fever, a small ulcer (eschar) at the site of the tick bite, swollen glands near the site of the tick bite (satellite lymphadenopathy), and a red, raised (maculopapular) rash. Peptic ulcer pain may not corre- late with the presence or severity of ulceration. Complications of peptic ulcers include bleeding, perforation, and blockage of the stomach (gastric obstruction). Uu ulcer, stasis A skin ulcer that develops in an area in which the circulation is sluggish and the return of venous blood toward the heart is poor. Ulcers on the skin are usually due to irritation, as in the case of bedsores, ulna The larger of the two long bones within the and may become inflamed and/or infected as they forearm. Ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract were once is on the same side of the arm as the little finger. Ultra- esophagus that is corroded by the acidic digestive sound waves can be bounced off tissues by using juices secreted by the stomach cells. Ultrasound imaging allows an inside view of soft tissues and body ulcer, gastric An ulcer in the lining of the stom- cavities without the use of invasive techniques. Ulcer formation is related to Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the ultraviolet A See ultraviolet radiation. For example, the uterus is normally ultraviolet radiation Invisible rays that are part unicornuate. The light from tanning lamps is like that including matching potential donors and recipients. The umbilical arteries and vein unresectable Unable to be removed (resected) run within this cord. There are many causes for unsteadiness, oxygen deprivation, shock, injury, or use of central including problems in the cerebral or cerebellar nervous system depressants such as alcohol and portions of the brain, the spinal cord, vestibular sys- drugs. When the stomach, and small intestine) that are taken after a loss of consciousness is temporary and recovery is patient drinks a barium solution. See also barium spontaneous, it is referred to as syncope or, more solution; barium swallow. Temporary unconsciousness may also occur with some types of seizures, from a upper leg See leg, upper. The telltale sign of an open provides a second means of stopping the escape of urachus is leakage of urine through the umbilicus. This sphincter is under volun- An open urachus is a malformation and needs to be tary control. When ciated with bacterial infection of the bladder the body cannot metabolize uric acid properly, (cystitis). Diseases that compromise air passages of the nose, the throat, and/or the function of the kidney often lead to increased bronchial tubes. However, only a small portion of people urea breath test A procedure for diagnosing the with hyperuricemia actually develop gout. Because toxins and excess fluid are removed from the body in urine, analysis of urine can pro- uremia The presence of an excessive amount of vide important health clues.

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