Oklahoma City Is A Decent Option For Some


I know the first time that Oklahoma City ever got my attention was when there was a bombing in 1995. It’s terrible that my first glimpse at this city was one that had a negative background. I never even thought about it again until after my brother went into the military in the early 2000s.

He wanted to be stationed in a place that was more exotic, like Hawaii, but he ended up smack dab in Middle America. I thought it was funny and did not see the merits of living there, until he told me about how low his rent was. He actually paid less for a three-bedroom unit than I did for a crappy one-bedroom in the middle of a bad neighborhood.

He stayed there a few years and he got really attached, but you know that military people are bounced all over the place. he has been to many other cities and he swears that none of them can compare to that one. I know that he is very sincere about this, but I do not believe that I could ever feel that way about it. Seriously. I could not wake up every day in a place that is not on the coast.

I love the beach and the environment in New England, which is why that place is not ideal for someone like me. I swear if I did not like water so much I would be there in a jiffy. Who knows? Maybe I will consider retiring in an area like that. I will have had plenty of beach time by then and it will not matter to me as much. Besides, my retirement funds may last longer if I am in a city where everything does not cost an arm and a leg.