Oklahoma City teenager graduates with perfect attendance


How many days of school did you miss? How many times have you taken a sick day?

For one Tuttle student, the answer is quick and easy: None. And that’s not just for a single or even a few years, but 14.

“(It was) very, very, very difficult,” Tuttle graduate Anthony Roberts said.

His journey toward a perfect attendance record started 14 years ago. The perfectly punctual graduate knows his streak was not without a little bit of luck.

“When I get sick, it happens to be on the weekend or on break. Something like that,” Roberts said.

The teenager even admitted that there were some days he simply didn’t want to get out of bed, and that’s where his mom intervened.

“There are some days where mom had to spray some ice water on me or throw some water on me just to get me out of bed,” Roberts said.

The special accomplishment is not lost on the student that has spent most of his life in the classroom. He knows this is not just noteworthy, but something that employers are looking for.

“Thirteen years is really good. Perfect attendance, I can put that on my transcript or a job application and get hired almost immediately,” Roberts said.

As for what’s next, Roberts is headed to Oklahoma City Community College and wants to eventually study criminal justice. But as for the streak?

“I’ll probably do most of college with perfect attendance,” he said.

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