Oklahoma City Tourist Attractions You Can’t Pass Up


If you have just been to Texas, traveling through the Panhandle, you may as well head up into Oklahoma. Once there, you need to go to the state capital, Oklahoma City, and experience some of the tourist attractions that are there. The main revenue for this area includes oil wells, hospitals, and national chain stores that are in the area. However, what you want to do is go to the tourist attractions that people visit every time they go, many of which your kids will love.

Museum of Osteology

Even though this museum is dedicated to the bones of animals, it’s a really interesting place to be. You get to learn about skeletons, and you can learn about invertebrates, go to the Explorers Corner, and check out the comparative anatomy section. It’s amazing how the body has bones, and the role that they play. Children absolutely love it there. Kids also like to see live animals and that’s exactly what you will get when you travel to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Why You Should Visit The Zoo

This zoo is very nice, though it is a little small. You are still going to see some fantastic animals. They have exhibits there, and you can learn about different animals like tortoises, auditors, and many others. Your kids will like it simply because it’s really designed for them, especially younger children. After going to the zoo, you can do something fun for adults such as visiting a museum.

American Banjo Museum

People that play musical instruments may have some appreciation for the banjo. It is an instrument that you often hear and country music. They have the round end and multiple strings that the banjo player will strum, making that unique sound that we are all too familiar with.

These ideas should motivate you to start thinking about a trip to Oklahoma City if you haven’t gone there in a couple years. Even if it’s brand-new, it will still have much to offer both adults and kids that decide to visit.